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The Best Man & Groomsman Gifts

It is a time honored tradition for the groom to give the best man a special gift. It is meant to be a token of the groom's appreciation for all of the hard work and support the best man has given up to the time of the ceremony. It should be given when you give the ushers their gifts, but should not be the same and it should also cost a bit more. Here are a few suggestions on how to pick a great gift for the best man.

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Groomsman Gifts Related to Hobbies and Interests
You can't go wrong if you select a best man's gift if you shop according to his personal taste, interest and hobbies. For example: if you know that he is passionate about football, then a couple of tickets to a favorite team game would be a pleaser. For a creative presentation (and something that will last) place them in a personalized mug or beer stein with his favorite team emblem or logo.

Gift Cards
Cleverly place a gift card from a fishing and tackle shop, home improvement store or favorite restaurant inside a monogrammed beer stein. You can also place gift cards in a personalized bag or cooler.

Nostalgic Groomsmen Gifts
Anything that reminds him of the good times the two of you have had together as buddies in past years will bring a smile to his face. It could be a college memento, an item from the old neighborhood and of course, an engraved frame with a picture of the two of you in your wedding attire.


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The Best Man Responsibilities

It is an honor to be selected as the groom's best man, therefore it is important to be aware of the responsibilities and customs that go along with it. It is also good for the best man to know how to pick out the right tux since the rules have changed over the years. The best man is theoretically the counterpart to the maid or matron of honor, lending the groom unbridled support and assistance. The best man is usually a brother, relative, or best friend. He is the groom's right-hand man in organizing activities and handling important duties. The groom will want to select a best man who is dependable and available to help out as needed.

One of the first duties of the best man is to make the arrangements for the bachelor party and select the gift for the groom. Occasionally, the best MAN will also help with making travel arrangements for the wedding guests and even the honeymoon. He may assist the ushers with their tuxedo rentals.

The best man arrives early on the wedding day to offer any last minute support and help the groom dress. He signs the wedding certificate as a primary witness and pays the clergy. After giving the first toast at the reception to the new couple, he dances with the bride and the bridesmaids.

Traditional Duties of the Best Man

  • Coordinate a shower for the couple with the maid or matron of honor.
  • Organize the bachelor party.
  • Pays for his own wedding attire.
  • Supervise the ushers' fittings
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner.

The Best Man will:

  • Transport the groom to the church and assist him in getting dressed.
  • Coordinate the ushers and groomsmen on the day of the wedding.
  • Hold onto the bride's wedding ring until the ceremony.
  • Deliver the clergy fee before or after the ceremony.
  • Sign the wedding certificate as a witness.
  • Stand in the receiving line.
  • Make the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception and read any telegrams.
  • See that the suitcases are loaded into the honeymoon car and that the groom has his plane ticket, itinerary, and traveler's checks.

Since the groom's family typically hosts the rehearsal dinner, the father of the groom should speak first, followed by the best man. After that, the floor is open, though toasts should be kept to less than three minutes.

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Groomsmen & Usher Wedding Responsibilities

  • Purchase or rent wedding attire.
  • Assist in planning and financing the bachelor party.
  • Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Arrive dressed at least 1 hour before the wedding.
  • Fold and distribute wedding programs.
  • Ensure that all family members have corsages/boutonnieres before being seated.
  • Seat guests as follows:
    • Single females are escorted on the right.
    • Single males should walk along the left side.
    • Escort the female of a couple on the right with her date walking behind.
    • Guests of the bride are seated on the left.
    • Guests of the groom are seated on the right.
    • Leave first few rows unseated to accommodate family members.
    • Seat the mother of the groom.
    • Seat the mother of the bride.
    • Roll out the aisle runner.
    • Light candelabras, as needed.
    • Escort bridesmaids during the recessional.
    • Check for any items left by guests at the ceremony site.
    • Collect ceremony decorative items such as baskets, pew bows, and aisle runner.
    • Dance when music starts and ask other guests to dance.
    • Decorate the newlywed's car.

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