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Wedding programs are very popular at today's weddings. They provide guests with an itinerary of the ceremony and are a good way to identify and honor the wedding participants. They are useful in explaining the meaning behind the symbols used in the ceremony and provide a lasting keepsake of your special day. While wedding programs aren't an absolute necessity, the personal touch they provide make them a good addition to your wedding ceremony.

In choosing a wedding program it is important to point out that they can be as simple or complex as you desire. You may have them professionally printed, or you may opt to make them yourself. Whatever your choice, you have many options available to you, making it very easy to have a program that fits both your style and your personality.

Professionally Printed or DIY (Do-it-Yourself)?
Professionally printed wedding programs can be the most hassle free way to go. They can be ordered at the time you order your wedding invitations. (In fact, many stationers offer discounts to brides who order multiple items.) You may find this to be the perfect time to order all your imprinted items such as invitations, programs, napkins, matches, etc. You'll have taken care of several tasks at once, while possibly even saving money. Another advantage to professionally printed programs is the variety of styles from which to choose. You may design your own cover or personalize a stock program. Your stationer can assist you in making this choice.

Many brides choose to make their own programs using any the many software packages available for home publishing. While making your own programs can add to the ever growing "Wedding To Do List," you may find this to be a fun way to express your own unique creativity. As with professionally printed programs, there are several papers from which to choose to print your programs. Just remember to allow an adequate amount of time for proofreading before printing out the final version.

Whether your wedding program is professionally printed or self-made, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. You may use a single page program printed on heavy card stock with a decorative edge or have a multiple page program that resembles a book when folded and secured with a tassel or ribbon. Another popular style is the scroll type program. This type of wedding program is printed on heavy card stock, rolled to look like a scroll (hence, the name), and secured with either a ribbon or a decorative metal band. Each style is perfectly acceptable and provides your guests with a souvenir of the day and a guide to the ceremony.

When to Distribute
Wedding programs are handed out as your guests are seated. This gives your guests an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the upcoming ceremony.

What to Include
The information included in your wedding program is entirely up to you. However, a few things to consider including in addition to the date, time, and location of the wedding are the names and relationships of the participants to the bridal party. Letting your guests know that your maid of honor is also your oldest and dearest friend is a good way to help them feel connected to the bridal party.

Many brides also include the order of the service-including the readings and musical selections-as well as the names of the readers and musicians. If the wedding crosses different religious or cultural boundaries, the wedding program is the perfect place to explain the different traditions and symbols involved in the ceremony. Many couples also include printed versions of their marriage vows, a special poem, or directions to the wedding reception.

No matter the design or what information is included, the program you choose will be as unique as the two of you. Remember, while a wedding program is not an absolute necessity, it keep your guests informed and involved and is a lasting memento of your special day.

Where to Get Your Programs
Do-it-Yourself Programs and Professionally Printed programs are available online. Two great resources for these are: and
MSW Interactive Designs - Programs Galore

~ by Sherrie Thompson

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